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BAJA Ambassadors: Social/Civic Events

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BAJA Ambassadors: Social/Civic Events

While the Board of Directors governs BAJA Sporting Club bylaws, expenditures, rules, policies and makes decisions to operate the club, the BAJA Ambassadors are members who organize and manage social events and community service projects for the club.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities for all interested members, spouses, and partners to participate in organized social events and civic activities that promote BAJA and support the community. → BAJA Ambassadors Charter (PDF)

We also conduct various fundraising activities to offset the costs associated with our endeavors, including BAJA LOGO MERCHANDISE, 50-50 raffles held during social events, including annual Cornhole and Mini-golf Tournaments.

Our efforts are organized into two categories:  BAJA Social Events and Community Outreach, as described below:

BAJA Social Events

Throughout the year social events are coordinated and supported by many volunteers also known as the BAJA Ambassadors. Here are some of the events and approximately when to look for them in the BAJA E-Blasts:  (Scroll to bottom to sign up for upcoming events)* 

  • BAJA’s Welcome Party (January)
  • BAJA’s Cornhole Tournament (February)
  • BAJA General Membership Meeting (desserts and sign in) (February)
  • Miniature Golf Party (March)
  • Hot Dog – Softball Tournament Days (Mid-March)
  • Party in the Park – Potluck and games at Quail Creek Veteran’s Municipal Park
  • BAJA Bowl-A-Rama (December)
  • FINE ARTS: Gaslight Theater/Continental Performing Arts Center CPAC

Community Outreach — BAJA Caring Hearts & BAJA Helping Hands

Our Community Outreach efforts are organized into BAJA Caring Hearts and BAJA Helping Hands:

    is our community donation arm of the Ambassadors to which BAJA members are asked to donate to select community entities, such as the Community Food Bank and the Continental School Behavior Reward program.

    is our volunteer action arm of the Ambassadors. Members are asked to volunteer their time and effort to help with specific community service projects, such as helping deliver Green Valley Phone Directories, driving golf carts for Fiesta Sahuarita parking assistance at Anamax Park, helping collect Hazardous Waste, making desserts and running sign in at social events.

Keep an eye out for Ambassadors’ announcements in your BAJA e-Blast!

Information about upcoming social events and volunteer and donation opportunities are included in the BAJA e-Blast email newsletter sent to all members, so be sure we have your email! Look for:

  • Social Event and Community Outreach info/sign up.*
  • Requests for Caring Heart donations and to volunteer for our Helping Hands civic projects.
  • Purchase this year’s BAJA Logo Merchandise

Want to become involved with the BAJA Ambassadors and help craft new and exciting social and civic activities?  Please volunteer for this fun group, because it takes a village! To learn more about social events/meetings, contact BAJA Ambassador Coordinator Donna Harrison, 520-678-3273 or

Upcoming Events

 February 13, 2024
General Membership Meeting

BAJA General Membership Mtg Flyer Feb 13 2024