Community Partners

BAJA could not have become the great organization it has become without lots of support from the community. A special thanks goes to the Pima County Sheriff Department, Green Valley Fire Department, Pima County and the Canoa Preserve Park for their support and assistance over the years. Here are some of our local entities that BAJA partners with:

BAJA coordinates with the Anza Trail Coalition to create a walking/bicycling pathway from the Canoa Preserve Park to the Anza Trail.

BAJA and Continental School have worked together numerous times over the years.  The school band has come to perform at Opening Days and Fun Day.  In 2020, the BAJA Ambassadors spearheaded a donation drive among club members who donated over $2000 to the school for their positive behavior reward program.

For many years, one of BAJA’s civic projects had been to contribute to the Community Food Bank.  Softball players and fans bring food and requested items to the field collection bins.

BAJA members annually volunteer to help the Green Valley Council distribute directories to community households.

BAJA participates in the Greater Green Valley Community Foundation’s mission to provide an on-going network that supports honest, innovative dialogue within our community for growth in the areas of: Nonprofits, Business, Social, Cultural and Economic.

Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation

BAJA has nurtured a partnership with Pima County since the beginning.  Members help maintain whatever fields softball players have used, from Anamax to Sahuarita parks to our award winning relationship with the County to develop the Catino Softball Complex in Canoa Preserve Park.

BAJA has helped the Town of Sahuarita Parks and Recreation Department with parking and driving golf carts to shuttle participants to and from the annual Fiesta Sahuarita.