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Offset Your Dues Through Grouper

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Offset your BAJA dues through Grouper (formerly Element3)

WHAT IS GROUPER? Being active improves a person’s health, so a number of insurance plans work to promote healthy lifestyles. More Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans are partnering with Grouper-a health-minded company that connects participating insurance plans with healthy lifestyle clubs like BAJA Sporting Club. Grouper reimburses eligible club members their membership dues for being part of a healthy lifestyle “group.”

WHO CAN SIGN UP WITH GROUPER? Any BAJA members who also have Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans that have partnered with Grouper, can sign up with GROUPER to be reimbursed for the membership dues they paid to BAJA Sporting Club.

DOES IT COST ME ANYTHING TO SIGN UP WITH GROUPER? There is no cost at all to you! In fact, if you’re eligible, you will be sent an email from Grouper in 3 days asking for your address to send your dues reimbursement check directly to you from Grouper for the amount of the dues you paid BAJA.

HOW CAN I SIGN UP FOR GROUPER? Here’s how you can quickly and easily check to see if you’re eligible: Sign up at Just click the blue “Get Started” box. Then enter: First, last name; select your health insurance plan, health plan ID, zipcode, phone, DOB, create a Grouper account with a password; and finally your email (to receive within 3 days a Grouper email letting you know if you are eligible or not. If you are eligible, reply with your address so Grouper can mail your dues reimbursement check.

NOTE: Grouper has not uploaded BAJA as a club yet, so you will not find BAJA if you try to “Find a Club.” Skip this for now and click the “Get Started” button.

WHAT ACTIVITIES CAN I GET CREDIT FOR? Eligible members get credit for participation in any BAJA Sporting Club-related activity, including, for example, every time you play in any BAJA sporting event (even batting practice) and/or attend a BAJA social or community outreach event, or socialize with other BAJA members at lunch, horseshoes , pickleball, corn hole, or Mexican Train.

HOW DO I REPORT MY ACTIVITES? Grouper will send you a 1x-a-month email. Reply with the number of BAJA activities you have participated in during the month. (You no longer need to list activities like you did with Element3).

HOW DOES GROUPER HELP BAJA? BAJA earns a lump sum for informing members how to participate in Grouper.

Eligible “Co-members” whose membership is covered by their spouse’s dues payment can help BAJA by joining BAJA at no cost because Grouper will reimburse your dues, too.

QUESTIONS? Contact Grouper: 833-906-1700 or email at

DOWNLOAD: Grouper Frequently Asked Questions

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: 2024 Baja Sporting Club Membership Application