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BAJA Sporting Club members interested in playing senior softball can participate in batting practice/pick-up games, Off-Season Leagues (Spring, Monsoon and Fall) and the Winter Season Leagues (Catino, Allison and Spirit) at the Catino Softball Complex located in the award-winning Canoa Preserve Park. The Club has over 160 age 50+ softball players, including men and women.  Contact the corresponding Commissioner to sign up.  Details can be found in our BAJA eBlast that comes out on Saturdays to members.

Anyone can come out to the Catino Softball Complex and participate in Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning batting practice/pick-up games, as long as you are either a BAJA member or sign a waiver before you play (see the link below to the non-member waiver form.) There is a one-week grace period before being required to complete a membership application and pay to join our great Club.

WAVIER INSTRUCTIONS: If you are not a BAJA Member or are just visiting, please download, sign and date the  → Non-Member Softball Waiver (PDF).  Bring your waiver to the Catino Softball Complex and give it to the Softball Commissioner or a “grounds crew” member.

Batting practice times change, depending on the weather and how many people and fields are available.  As a rule, late spring and summer batting practice starts at 8:00 a.m. most every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Fall/winter batting practice starts at 9:30 a.m. Members can be alert to the days and starting times via our weekly BAJA eBlast.  Non-members need to contact the Commissioner.

Pickup games:  After batting practice, if there are enough people interested, players line up, count off and divide into teams to play pick-up games. Everyone bats during their at-bat inning.  Bases are cleared after 3 outs. Allison League usually bats through their line-ups twice.

Come on down to the Catino Softball Complex and check us out!
→ Driving Directions (PDF)


OFF-SEASON LEAGUES:  Spring, Monsoon and Fall Leagues
While many BAJA softball players depart Arizona for their other homes after the Winter League tournament ends in March, many BAJA softball players who live in our Club geographic territory year round can now sign up for the more casual OFF-SEASON Leagues:  the Spring, Monsoon and Fall Leagues. These Leagues usually play double headers on Wednesdays for 6-8 weeks.  Members can learn the days, starting times, and other details via our BAJA eBlast that comes out on Saturdays.

Spring, Monsoon Leagues: are generally made up of two mixed skill teams that compete in doubleheaders once a week beginning in May or June and run for two sets of 6 weeks on amazing green summer grass fields.  Bring lots of water!

Fall League:  Playing in the September/October Fall League is a great way to get the kinks out and prepare for an injury-free Winter League season.  As more people are in town, there are two levels:  Catino teams and the more competitive Allison teams.  We strive to field a minimum of two Catino teams and two Allison teams to play doubleheaders once a week, usually on Wednesdays for 6-8 weeks.

To Participate in an Off-Season League: Please send an email with your name, cell number and whether you are a Catino or an Allison player to:  If you are interested in being a manager in a Catino or Allison Off-Season league, let us know that as well.  The Off-Season expense fee is $10 per league session (Spring, Monsoon, or Fall League) in addition to having an active Softball Membership ($75).  Team managers will collect the league session fees, checking off who has paid and submit these to the Off-Season Commissioner to submit to the BAJA Membership Chair.

Become a member to receive the BAJA e-Blast for details, or contact the Off Season Commissioner with questions:
Steve Aiken, Off-Season Commissioner
TEXT ONLY  520-205-1300
Work# 520-429-5275

From January-March, softball players can sign up to play double headers (playing the same team twice) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays in a Winter Season League. Players must pay their $75 membership dues by November 1st in order to be eligible for the draft. Each of the following three Winter Leagues conduct their draft selections in succession (Allison, then Catino, then Spirit) to create about 13 teams. Winter Leagues culminate with a 3-day double elimination tournament, complete with a potluck extravaganza for players, family, and fans.

For winter league standings, go to:

BAJA Sporting Club

NOTE: If your schedule does not allow you to play regularly during the Winter Season or you want to play after teams have been drafted, you may be able to join as a substitute pool player.  Please contact the softball commissioner to get on the substitute pool player list.  We always need extra players!

PER the BAJA Softball Commissioner:  No player will be allowed to pitch in league games without a facemask unless they have signed the BAJA Pitcher Facemask Waiver pursuant to our agreement at the commissioners meeting on October 27, 2023.  Download the specific details about the Facemask:  BAJA Pitcher Facemask INFO

Download, print and complete the pitcher facemask waiver to give to your manager, League Commissioner, or the BAJA Softball Commissioner.  BAJA Pitcher Facemask Waiver

Click to download: 2024 Winter Season Softball Survey
If you did not get to fill out a survey at the ball fields, you may print and complete the 2024 Winter Season Softball Survey and mail to:
Attn: Jack Slama
BAJA Sporting Club
PO Box 1341
Green Valley, AZ. 85622

Allison League

For players who like a more competitive play and have higher skills.  70’ baselines.  40+ games.

2024 Allison League Rules

2024 Allison League Schedule

2024 Allison League Rosters

Gary Anderson, Allison League Commissioner
(c) 520-990-3801


Catino League

For players who like a less competitive play. 65’ baselines. 40+ games. Women & older men may use a special bat & ball.

2024 Catino League Rules

2024 Catino League Schedule

2024 Catino League Rosters

2024 Catino League Umpire's Mechanics Manual

Jim Wray, Catino League Commissioner
(c) 520-528-1963

Jim Hill Spirit League

For players who prefer a more relaxed play.  Three teams of 6-7 players who rotate from batting through the lineup twice, to the left field, then to the right field, etc. They only play on Fridays.

2024 Jim Hill Spirit League Rules

2024 Jim Hill Spirit League Roster

Dorie Carroll, Hill League Commissioner
(c) 520-548-0657

Opening Day each January

It is an exciting time to see all the sponsor’s names on the team shirts with their matching hats at the state of the art fields at the Catino Softball Complex located in Canoa Preserve Park off of White House Canyon Road. Opening Day Videos →

Not interested in playing ball

Not a ball player, but want to share your skills?  Consider becoming an umpire, scorekeeper, manager, grounds crew person, team news liaison, photographer, GVNews writer during the Winter League games.

Softball Complex Field Map

Catino Softball Complex, Canoa Preserve Park
Driving Directions (PDF)

Fans welcome!!  Come watch the games and cheer on your favorite team!!


Contact the Softball Commissioner:

Jack Slama, (c) 253-888-6521,

Annual BAJA softball membership dues are required by November 1st → Click to go to Membership